Annecy 2016 lineup

Nine features have been selected to appear at the 2016 Annecy International Animated Film Festival, 11 films have been selected to screen outside of the competition.
1. 25 April
Leanne Pooley
Matthew Metcalfe, New Zealand

2. Snowtime! (Cleo)
Jean-Francois Poulot, Francois Brisson
CarpeDiem Film & TV Inc, Canada

3. La jeune Fille Sans Mains
Sebastien Laudenbach
Les Films Sauvages, France

4. My life as a Courgette
Claude Barras
Blue Spirit Productions, Rita Productions, Gebeka Films, Switzerland, France
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New Short Film With Finding Dory: Piper

This could be Disney Pixar’s cutest character creation yet. Meet Piper, the star of the animated short releasing theaterically with Finding Dory on June 17th. This new character is a bright eyed, little beach-dewlling bird named Piper. The short is about six minutes and was a inspiration from director Alan Barillaro. Alan Barillaro would run alongside the shore and notice birds in the ocean and on the beach. He wanted to portay a character that wants to venture out but might be to fearful of the adventures that lie ahead. The story is about a bird encountering a small hermit crab who teaches her the new way of the waves. It’s about a story of growing up and a child learning from a parent. The story took about 3 years to develop and with the same theme of talking animals on adventures such as with Finding Dory it was a perfect time to put the short on the big screen.