Two New Seasons of FLCL

Adult Swim has recently announced two new six episode seasons for the highly popular anime, FLCL. The new episodes will be produced by Japanese Studio Production I.G, which acquired the rights to the series from Gainax last fall. Production IG is known for 009 RE: Cyborg, Blood C The Series, Oblivion Islanad and A Letter to Momo, to name just a few. To those that don’t remember FLCL on Adult Swim back in the day i heavily advise in watching this masterpiece of an anime. The original FLCL told the story of twelve-year-old Naota Nandaba, whose life is turned upside down after he gets run over by a strange Vespa riding girl, Haruko Haruhara. The new series picks up many years after the end of the original series, according to Adult Swim. There is also a manga that follows the anime as well but the newest series will not be following it’s guidelines. I have high expectations for this goofy anime and I hope this anime will not be a let down.

Zootopia Easter Eggs

  1. Criminal weasel in Zootopia is  voiced by Alan Tudyk. Alan Tudyk also plays the voice of  the Duke of Weaselton in Frozen along with three other Disney films. hcdbTm2YG7qx.jpg
  2. Disney movie spin offs related to Zootopia animals.
    Meowana (Moana)  / Giraffic ( Jack and the Beanstalk, Gigantic planned for 2018)disneys-zootopia-easter-eggs-inside-jokes-movies-1-670x281.jpg
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Cancellation of The Little Prince Movie

It was announced a week before the release of, The Little Prince that Paramount has decided to cancel the US release date. Paramount Pictures was suppose to release the movie March 18th, 2016. The film was first released at Cannes Film Festival with positive reviews. The movie has already grossed $80 million overseas with many people in the United States looking forward to the release of the movie. Mark Osborne, director of The Little Prince sent out a message today concerning the movie. He stated that, “Many thanks to everyone for the outpouring of love and support in these strange times. As it turns out, the much anticipated U.S. release of this special and unique film will have to be anticipated just a little bit more. All I can say is #thelittleprince will in fact be released by another distributor later this year. Until then, head to Canada! The film opens there in wide release this weekend!” As for a US release date we can hope they release the movie in the near future.