Nimona comic mashup with Feast Director

To those that enjoy epic quests, science fiction and shape shifting comic characters you are in for a surprise if you happen to be familiar with the Nimona comic. Nimona is a fantasy and sci fi comic written and illustrated by Noelle Stevenson. Stevenson started her webcomic while attending Maryland Institute College of Art in order to complete her senior thesis in 2012. HarperCollins eventually published her work as a young adult graphic novel in May 2015. The title character is a rambunctious young shape shifter and the sidekick of supervillain Lord Ballister Blackheart. Lord Ballister Blackheart is a knight turned mad scientist who’s pursued by his nemesis, Sir Ambrosius Goldenlion. The first five chapters focus on the differences in outlook between Nimona and her adventures against the villainous Institution at Sir Ambrosius Goldenlions wrath. Nimona has been well received and was awarded Best Web Comic of 2012 and was nominated for a 2015 Eisner Award. It certainly isn’t a surprise to see that the comic has been given the go to be turned into a movie.
Patrick Osborne has been given the reigns of bringing this comic to life for Fox Animation. With an Oscar for best animated short under his belt and recognition for  Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled and Bolt, I can see him doing a fantastic job in keeping this comic faithful to Stevenson’s work. Stevenson’s other comic, Lumberjanes has been given the go for a live-action adaptation. Marc Haimes, who is a former DreamWorks executive is attached to writing the screenplay. Vertigo Entertainment’s Roy Lee ad Adam Stone will produce the film. Fox’s last non-Blue Sky animated feature was Reel FX’s, The Book of Life, which was released last fall and was nominated for a top spot on the best animated list at the Oscars. A release date has not yet to be announced but good things are surely to come to our heroines.

Little Witch Academia 2 Debut Trailer

Little Witch Academia is a 2013 animated short produced by Trigger for Anime Mirai 2013. The short was created and directed by Yoh Yoshinari. The short film runs approximately 26 minutes and was released in 14 Japanese theaters on March 2, 2013. A Youtube version was released that received over 850,000 views in 4 months. The first short film entails the journey of a girl named Akko Kagari who enrolls at Luna Magical Academy. The Academy is a school for young witches that face many challenges and obstacles from paying attention in class, exploring dungeons and believing in your own abilities. The story can be compared to the traditional magical girl story line mixed with a little bit of pop music flair and Hogwarts.

With a great reception from the first short film, Little Witch Academia 2 also titled as, The Enchanted Parade was fully funded by a kickstarter receiving over $625,000 with over 7,938 backers. Without giving away any spoilers to the first film, the sequel consists of old and new characters facing certain dilemmas of magic and a little mix of after school festivities. A crossover short featuring characters from both Little Witch Academia and inferno cop was shown at Anime Expo 2015 on July 2, 2015.  The anime film runs 53 minutes and has an expected release date in October 2015.